A Brief History of Beard and Moustaches


1800s to 1900s

Men have been sporting beards and moustaches for centuries. During the Crimean War in the 1850s was when men started to really show off a variety of different facial hair styles. Beards had been banned in the British Army until this time, however the freezing temperatures and harsh winters meant that it was impossible to keep clean shaven. By the time the troops returned home, beards had marked the shape of a hero. It was from this heroic period when men who had never been in the army, started to grow beards. During the Victorian times, famous individuals such as Charles Dickens and Edgar Allan Poe became hugely experimental with facial hair, from twiddling long moustaches and growing out long beards.

1900s to 2000s

During the early 20th century military men sported moustaches. British men were required by regulation to wear a moustache as this marked strength and power. In the 40s and 50s, facial hair was still pretty uncommon during that time, but the goatee made its way into popular culture. By the 60s, beards were a symbol of creativity and rebelliousness. By the rise of hippie culture and disco in the 70s, full beards made a comeback and men’s grooming was more varied than before. The influence of bands like the Beatles and Bee Gees heightened the popularity to show off full beards and moustaches.

2000s to now

By 2013, full-fledged beards had re-entered the mainstream. Full grown beards and trimmed moustaches groomed their way to a 21st Century form of the ‘classic hero’. The most recent rise of beard triggered when George Clooney, Ben Affleck and Bradley Cooper (among others) arrived at the 2013 Baftas and Oscars with fully groomed facial hair. Today, a well-groomed bearded man is a stylish, fashionable and masculine gentleman. So far this has been the most popular and enthusiastic period of time for men to grow and style beards, with there being no signs of this trend working its way into a decline anytime soon.

Morgan’s Favourite Beard Styles!

Here at Morgans we love beards and moustaches! We are always inspired by the way different men grow and style their facial hair. From creative goatees to the famous hipster Bandholz beard. We have gathered together our favourite beard and moustache styles which you may be familiar with already, or for the enthusiasts whom want to try something new.

Full Beard

A full beard is by far the most popular and preferred facial hair style among men, showing off maximum masculinity. A well-groomed full beard is stylish, healthy and more attractive as it accentuates a man’s feature. The beard consists of facial hair starting from the top of the cheek bones down to the chin and neck, with a full moustache connected. The full beard will suite most face shapes and can be shaped into a variety of forms and differ in fullness.


The Bandholz beard is a newly-formed and very popular beard style that was created by Eric Bandholz, founder of Beardband in 2011. The Bandholz beard features a long beard with a moustache connected to the beard. Unlike the Garibaldi, the beard does not stop at a certain length, it grows freely to whatever length desired.


The Garibaldi beard style has a slight unkempt look and is a bit shorter than the Bandholz, thus trimming it once in a while is required. This beard style combines a moustache with a full beard that has a wide and rounded base at the bottom. Younger men are now starting to pull off this look, following the trend of Irish Boxer Conor McGregor.

Goatee/ Extended Goatee

The Goatee and Extended Goatee are a versatile beard style that can look good on many faces. It conveys individuality and confidence and can be a trendy way to express a man’s appearance and personality. The goatee is a combination of a moustache and beard around the chin area. The Extended Goatee, in appearance looks like a moustache connected to a beard but there are no sideburns.

Morgan’s Beard Care


At Morgan’s we think it’s really important to help maintain and nourish your facial hair for a healthier look. We’ve covered all of the bases when it comes to beard grooming –  from cleansing and hydrating, to moisturizing and styling all types of facial hair. Whatever the style of your beard and moustache, use Morgan’s Beard and Moustache rang to help to nourish, tame and maintain your facial hair.


Beard Wash

If you are an expert beardsman then you know to wash your beard once every couple of days. If beard wash or beard shampoo is used excessively then this may cause some irritation on your beard due to dryness, so it is important not to over wash it. Use Morgan’s Beard Wash to cleanse and condition your beard. Apply to a wet beard, massage well to work up a lather and rinse thoroughly.

Beard Oil

Beard Oil is hydrating to the skin and helps soften and tame beard hair, which means it also does a double duty as a styling agent. For fuller beard styles like the Full Bead, Bandholz and Garibaldi we suggest Morgan’s Beard Oil, infused with 100% natural blend of oils such as Indian Peppermint, Mandarin and Tea Tree. Apply daily for a soft and smooth beard that’s bound to look shiny and groomed, instead of scraggly and straw-like. It also leaves your beard smelling amazing with a sweet aroma of almond and mandarin.

Beard Softening Elixir

Elixir is a great alternative to balm for softening and conditioning your beard. We suggest Morgan’s Beard Softening Elixir which has been specially formulated in our lab to help soften and condition beards that are dry and brittle. Infused with Mandarin, Bergamot, Ginger and Argan Oil.

Moustache & Beard Cream

For men who are trying to grow out their beard or who need to neaten up their Goatee, we suggest Morgans Moustache and Beard Cream to soften beard hair and moisturise the skin underneath. For a more indulgent experience, treat your beard to Morgans Luxury Beard Cream, infused with aromatic notes of Bergamot, Lime, Green Tea, Musk and Sandal.

Beard and Moustache Wax 

For shorter styles like the Goatee, we suggest using Morgans Beard and Moustache Wax to promote a sleek looking and well-conditioned beard. The main benefit of using wax on your beard and moustache is to keep the hair strong and protected from adverse weather such as wind and rain. Rub the beard wax gently into palms of hands until melted, then apply to beard and moustache, running your hands from your cheeks down to the lowest point of the beard, turning your beard into a flowing masterpiece!

Moustache Styling Wax 

For an extra firm tash try using Morgan’s Moustache Styling Wax, an ultra-stiff wax perfect for handlebar moustaches, goatees and side burns that will keep in place from dusk till dawn.

Beard Brush and Moustache Comb

For a shiny beard that is easy to mold and style, we suggest using Morgan’s Beard brush. A traditional shaped men’s military brush featuring a wooden handle, filled with the finest quality natural boar bristles. This brush will clean, stimulate and condition your hair perfectly. We suggest using our beard brush with Morgan’s Softening Elixir and Morgans Beard Oil for a soft, sleek and shiny beard. Morgan’s Moustache Combs are a great accessory as they are ideal for beards, moustaches and even hair! They are small in size and easily foldable, making them the perfect companion for your pocket!


The best way to start anything in life is to start fresh! We at Morgan’s recommend starting with a clean, fresh and moisturized face, as this will help stimulate facial hair growth and minimise any early signs of irritation.

Set aside some preparation time to wash and exfoliate your skin using Morgan’s Face Wash and Morgan’s Exfoliating Face Scrub to cleanse pores of excess oils, dirt and dead skin.

Keep your face moisturised by using Morgan’s Daily Moisturiser, which will help strengthen hair follicles and promote healthy beard growth.


Your beard may be itchy for up to the first 6 weeks of growth. This is primarily caused by build-up of dirt, dead skin cells and dehydration (dry skin). We suggest using Morgan’s Moustache and Beard Cream to help soften beard hair and moisturise the skin underneath.    Realistically, it can take up to three months before you start to see full potential beard growth, so be patient and control the irritation by moisturizing and hydrating both your beard hair and skin underneath.

We also suggest teaming this up with Morgan’s Beard Oil, infused with 100% natural blend of oils such as Indian Peppermint, Mandarin and Tea Tree to help promote a nourished, hydrated and healthy looking beard.


We understand that not everyone can grow a full beard, and different shapes suit different beards. However, we at Morgan’s have done the work for you by showing off some of our favourite beard styles which we think suits a combination of different men’s face shape. Most men should trim their beards once every couple of weeks, depending on the beard style and speed of growth. We recommend popping into your local Barber Shop for some expert barber advice and get a professional beard trim


We know that by now you will want to show off your beard to the world, however, you will need a couple of tools to help promote your healthy beard. Keep your beard clean and fresh by using Morgan’s Beard Wash to cleanse and condition beard hair. For a sleek beard, we recommend using Morgan’s Beard & Moustache Wax to help style and shape your beard. The main benefit of beard wax is to keep the hair strong and protected from adverse weather conditions such as wind and rain. If you have equally decided to grow out a tash, then we suggest using Morgan’s Moustache Styling Wax to perfect handlebar moustaches and goatees with an extra firm hold. If you want to uphold a shiny beard that is easy to mould and style, or if you just want to keep things neat and tidy, we suggest using Morgan’s Beard brush to promote a silky soft beard.

Morgan’s Best Beard


Recently, Morgan’s ran a competition on Instagram for ‘Morgan’s Best Beard’. We had a fantastic reaction and some great beard entries, from neatly trimmed Goatees, to bold Bandholz styles. Check out some of our favourite entries below.

We would love to see your amazing beard pictures from all over the world, so if you want to be part of our Morgan’s Gallery then why don’t you send us a picture of your beard to shop@morganspomade.co.uk and we will add you to our Website Page! If you live in the UK, we’ll even send you a FREE pocket size Moustache and Beard Cream!

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